How to Remove a Window Screen

Often as we are cleaning windows we find screens that are tweaked, bent, or even broken. These tweaks often occur when a person tries to remove a stubborn screen. There are, though, some simple tips which will help you more easily remove those screens.

1. Don't pull on the tabs. They will often just pull off.

2. Do locate the "spring side". Many screens are held in a channel in the window frame by one or two flattened springs.

3. Picture how the screen has to move. So called "security screens" usually need to slide into a channel and be brought inside the house in order to remove them.

Screens on the Inside of the Window

Locked Screens on the Inside of the Window

These screens are the easiest to remove. The screen will be held in by locks, usually one or two on each side. Simply rotate the lock, and pull the screen out.

"Spring Loaded"

These screens have a side, often the top, which has springs on it. Gently, but firmly press the screen frame on the spring side into the window frame. The opposite side will most likely be in a channel, and will come out when you press on the spring side.

Screens on the Outside of the Window

Open the Window

In order to clean the screen side of a window, the screen needs to be removed. After opening the window, locate the "spring side". This is usually the side opposite the small tabs.

Press the Springs

Carefully but firmly press the screen frame into the channel in the window, away from the tabs. Remember, don't pull the tabs. Once the screen has moved into the "spring side", use the tabs to move the screen out of the window, or simply push on the screen frame.