Gutter Cleaning

When a gutter fills with debris, it might not drain as well, even to the point that you get a "waterfall" over the edge.  In addition, debris filled gutters are heavier, which strains the hangers, and might be more prone to rust.

WOW! Window Cleaning offers two levels of gutter cleanout service:

For $1 per linear foot, we remove all visible debris and check to see that the downspouts flow.

For $1.50 per linear foot, we remove all debris, rinse out the silt, and flush the downspouts with a high pressure nozzle.

After we finish, the debris is gone (not on the ground) and we let you know of any issues we found.

These prices increase if the gutters have covers or inserts.

There is a $65 minimum charge.

With either level of service, we can also install downspout leafstrainers for $9 each.


  For safety reasons, we do not clean from the roof.

  We do not clean gutters higher than 22' from the ground.

  We do not remove or dismantle downspouts in order to clean them.

  We do not flush systems that flow into underground drains.


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