How Do We Clean Your Windows?

First we wash the window with a solution of mild soap and water. This step loosens soil and cuts grime.  During this step we can also determine if the window has "stubborn dirt"; things such as bug goo and plant residue.

Scrubbing window with soap and water

Next, if necessary, we scrub the stubborn areas with steel wool or scrape with a sharp blade.

Steel wool removes stubborn stain

After the window has been cleaned and the dirt is "floating" on the glass, we squeegee off the water. This is the secret to that streak-free look.

Squeegee for streak free window cleaning

We then go over any areas on the glass that need a touch up using a lint free cloth.

Detail cleaned windows

When the window is clean, we use an absorbent cloth to clean the frames and wipe up any extra water.

Clean window tracks and sills