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Clean upper story window

WOW! Windows
is a father/son team operated window cleaning company in Marin County.
We have been professionally trained to safely and correctly clean the glass
in your home or business. Call us for a free estimate.


Let The Sun Shine In!

Washing window with professional tools In Marin county, we have the great blessing of lots of sunshine, even in the
winter. Check out our page How Do We Clean Windows? to get a picture
review of what to expect when we clean your windows. The process we use
leaves windows clear and streak free. Go ahead, Let the Sun Shine In!




Oops! I Tweaked a Screen.

Remove a window screen for cleaning Screens on windows can be simple or stubborn to remove.
We often find screens that are bent, torn, even broken.
Take a look at How to Remove a Window Screen
and save yourself some headache.





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